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    shop JAGUAR  T/P "ALFA"  ( Brīvības 372, Rīga - tel.  27862633 )
    shop Travel bag  T/C " RĪGA PLAZA" ( Mūkusalas 71 - tel. 67 633 713 )
    shop Travel bag  T/C " DOMINA" -( Ieriķu iela 3 - tel. 22452486 )
    shop KOFERI (.Birznieka-Upīša iela 5/7  - tel. 67 287 955 )

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How to ORDER

First, find in our online store your favorite model.
Select a color and quantity and then click on the BUY button.
If you want to choose something else, you can continue browsing - the selected item will remain in the Recycle Bin memory. Do the same with all selected items. When you decide that there are enough purchases for this, press the button on the trolley symbol in the upper right part of the screen.
On this page you can view the list of products and change it (increase the selected quantity of goods or from some refuse). Then click on the ORDER button and make a step in the Customer Data. There you will need to fill out a data form, without which we can not deliver the goods to you.
You can register and become our regular customer or make a purchase without registering, specifying your details, shipping address and payment method. You can also leave any comments to your order.
Before you confirm the order, be sure to read the Order conditions of the goods in our shop. Next, view the finished order form and click on the checkout button for the last time, It remains to wait for our response and delivery of your order.

When searching for a specific product in our online store, Filter will help you.