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Purchase return or ex-change


If the size or color of the purchased item does not fit you, you can replace it.
The first exchange is free of charge, we will pay for the services of a courier who will pick up the goods.
Terms and form of exchange
You can exchange goods within 30 days after its delivery.
To complete the exchange procedure, you will need to fill out a special form in the "Orders" section. You will need to fill in the form “Return of goods” and make a “New order” for the goods you want to exchange. The form “Return of goods” will be available after registering on the site - log into your personal account and in the section “User data” click on the link “My orders”.
In order to exchange goods for free, you must use the services of our chosen courier service.
The exchange is made only if the original packaging of the goods and the package itself are available
The exchange is made only for similar of similar value.
The exchange (s) is about 5-7 business days: only after receiving and checking the returned goods (s), a new product will be sent.

Important: only the first exchange of goods is completely free. If you want to re-exchange the same product, delivery will be charged.

Type of product

The exchange is not made in the following cases:

The were already in use.
Items have been damaged
Consumer properties have been lost.
Goods have lost their presentation
Original labels were removed from.

Purchase returns

If the purchased item you did not like or did not fit - you can return it.

The first refund is free. We ourselves will pay all the expenses of the courier arriving for the returned goods, and will refund your money for the purchased.

Please observe certain conditions.

Attention! Fill out the return form only by preparing the returned.
You will find the sheet with the address to which the returned are sent in the package delivered to you.

Terms and return form

Goods can be returned within 30 days from receipt of order.
Returning the product you need to fill in the "Return Form". This form is available only to registered users of the site, you will find it in the "User data" by clicking on the link in the "Order History" (View >> Return goods)
In order to return the goods for free, you will need to use the services of the courier service chosen by us. (SIA "VENIPAK")
Item returned in original packaging.

This product will not be returned if:

Was used (worn, etc.);
Was flawed;
Consumer properties were not saved;
Spoiled the presentation;
Original labels removed.

The you return are delivered to the warehouse, in which our employees determine whether the products meet the above listed conditions. Money will not be refunded if conditions are not met. In this case, the delivery or return of will be considered on an individual basis. If the products meet the above listed conditions, the money will be transferred to your bank account no later than 10 days from the day you filled out the return application.

The above procedure is consistent with the laws of the Republic of Latvia.